large file upload and mod security


I have had trouble uploading anything over 7megs for file upload via http application from a service provider that had mod security install on centosI truend it off and everything works.  However this the server more vunarable on the machine.  need a better solution

2015-07-05 13:20:07gstlouis


I installed the modsecurity modules on the Apache server recently. With modsecurity, another entry makes upload of large files impossible (SecRequestBodyLimit) and has nothing to do with PHP settings above.

Here my sollution and hopefully saves other OWL users with modsecurity installed a lot of time to find this little bugger, so therefore my additional sollution when modsecurity2 is installed with Apache:

vi /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
search the text " SecRequestBodyLimit "
increase the value after it for incoming files (for example 15728640 //15MB)
save your file
restart apache

2015-07-05 13:33:01