ssh and ip change - Warning: Remote Host Identification Has Changed error and solution


I have had a problem before where trying to connect with a mac outside my network through SSH.  If you have request strict checking host key verification will fail. 

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Solution #1: Remove keys

Use the -R option to removes all keys belonging to hostname from a known_hosts file. This option is useful to delete hashed hosts. If your remote hostname is, enter:
$ ssh-keygen -R {}
$ ssh-keygen -R {ssh.server.ip.address}
$ ssh-keygen -R


Solution #2: Add correct host key in /home/user/.ssh/known_hosts

It is not necessary to delete the entire known_hosts file, just the offending line in that file. For example if you have 3 server as follows., ssh-rsaAAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEA11FV0EnGahT2EK8qElocjuHTsu1jaCfxkyIgBTlxlrOIRchb2pw8IzJLOs2bcuYYfa8nSXGEcWyaFD1ifUjfHelj94AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEA11FV0E
nGahT2EK8qElocjuHTsu1jaCfxkyIgBTlxlrOIRchb2pw8IzJLOs2bcuYYfa8nSXGEcWyaFD1ifUjfHelj94H+uv304/ZDz6xZb9ZWsdm+264qReImZzruAKxnwTo4dcHkgKXKHeefnBKyEvvp/2ExMV9WT5DVe1viVwk=, ssh-rsa
AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAtDiERucsZzJGx/1kUNIOYhJbczbZHN2Z1gCnTjvO/0mO2R6KiQUP4hOdLppIUc9GNvlp1kGc3w7B9tREH6kghXFiBjrIn6VzUO4uwrnsMbnAnscD5EktgI7fG4ZcNUP 5+J7sa3o+rtmOuiFxCA690DXUJ8nX8yDHaJfzMUTKTGxQz4M/H2P8L2R//qLj5s3ofzNmgSM9lSEhZL/IyI4NxHhhpltYZKW/Qz4M/H2P8L2R//qLj5s3ofzNmgSM9lSEhZL/M7L0vKeTObue1SgAsXADtK3162a/Z6MGnAazIviHBldxtGrFwvEnk82+GznkO3IBZt5vOK2heBnqQBfw=, ssh-rsa 

To delete 2nd server (, open file:
# vi +2 .ssh/known_hosts
And hit dd command to delete line. Save and close the file. Or use following
$ vi ~/.ssh/known_hosts
Now go to line # 2, type the following command
Now delete line with dd and exit:

Solution 3: Just delete the known_hosts file If you have only used one ssh server

$ cd
$ rm .ssh/known_hosts
$ ssh

2015-10-09 16:55:19

ssh-keygen -R "you server hostname or ip"

this works fine 

2016-07-02 15:07:26