Asterisk config voicemail.conf



Some quick definitions to help the reader to understand this document:

  • An association statement is of the value '=' or '=>'. It delimits the setting from the value and option fields in an entry
  • A comment is used to add a useful note about an entry. Any text following a semicolon ';' will be treated as a comment.
  • A context section is a section which is equal to a context defined in other Asterisk configuration files.
  • An extension_number is a special case of a setting for a numeric string defining a particular user extension.
  • An entry is a single line of text containing settings, an association statement a value, and zero or more options
  • The newzonename defines a the name of a custom time zone configuration.
  • An option is a string of characters which usually follows a value
  • A section is a keyword enclosed in square brackets i.e. [xxx] and is used to denote a particular area of the configuration file.
  • A setting is a keyword which is located on the left most side of an entry line.
  • The user_email_address is a character string which defines the email address of a user for a particular voicemail entry.
  • A user name is a character string set to the name of the user for a particular voicemail entry.
  • The user_option(s) are options and other data which apply to tbe user defined in particular voicemail entry only.
  • The user_pager_address is a character string which defines the email address of a user pager for a particular voicemail entry.
  • A value is a keyword or alphanumeric string on the right hand side of the association statement (= or =>) on an entry line.
  • The voicemail_password is a numeric string set to the password for a particular voicemail entry.


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