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for asterCRM 0.047beta

cd /usr/src wget unzip mv ./astercrm-0.047beta /var/www/html/astercrm It is highly advised that the whole eventsdaemon directory be moved to a more secure location like /opt and out of the WEB root directory (in step 2)

in 0.047 beta, there’re several daemon scripts in the package:

  • astercc, asterccd, asterccdaemon are for users who would use astercc to catch asterisk call records
  •, are for users who would use eventsdaemon to catch asterisk AMI events


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could choose either method to use, the difference of these two methods could be foundhere is for scheduler calls, but it’s not fully tested in 0.047beta yet mkdir -p /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon mv /var/www/html/astercrm/eventsdaemon/* /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon chmod +x /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/ chmod +x /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/ chmod +x /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/astercc chmod +x /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/asterccd chmod +x /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/asterccdaemon

mysqladmin -uyourmysqluser -pyourmysqlpasswd create astercrm mysql -uyourmysqluser -pyourmysqlpasswd astercrm </var/www/html/astercrm/sql/astercrm.sqlhere we create the database named astercrm, you could use whatever db name you want use your configration to replace “yourmysqluser” and “yourmysqlpasswd”

[general] enabled = yes port = 5038 bindaddr = ;displayconnects = yes ;the following line could be changed by yourself [asterccdaemon] secret = myasterccdaemon read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user deny= ; only allow local access, if you want to run asterCRM on another server ; use your asterCRM ip to replace or add a new line permit=

Mainly first you need set database connectoin parameters in section [database] so that you can login, then u can set other parameters via web pages.

There are two daemon modes you can choose, eventsdaemon mode or astercc mode.

  • using (eventtype = event in astercrm.conf.php)

open using some editor, then modify for database setting and AMI setting. try start the using/opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/ if you could read: “Message: Authentication accepted” congratulations, your eventsdaemon works well use ctrl + c to exit or else, please check your database/AMI configration in then start eventsdaemon as a daemon: /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/ -d At some point, for better performance, it may be desirable to delete old events from database, you can check for parameter “log_life”, which is for such purpose. Also we provide a “watch dog”, it would help you restart eventsdaemon when it’s down, like asterisk restart. Add this line to your start-up file/opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/ so that everytime your server start, eventsdaemon would be loaded

  • using astercc (eventtype = curcdr in astercrm.conf.php)

modify /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/astercc.conf to fit your configuration try start astercc using /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/astercc if you could read like following line: “Connecting to mysql database on Database connection successful. Connecting to asterisk on port 5038: Asterisk socket connection successful. Check asterisk username & secret: Success Monitor Start: …(some log message)…” congratulations, your astercc works well then use ctrl + c to exit or else, please check your database/AMI configration in astercc.conf then start astercc as a daemon: /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/astercc -d Start up astercc daemons when system startup: Note: This option can only fit to redhat-release system. If you want astercc daemons to start automatically when you boot your machine, you need to : cp /opt/asterisk/scripts/eventsdaemon/asterccd /etc/rc.d/init.d chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/init.d/asterccd chkconfig –add asterccd Advice: Configure your astercc restart once everyday, it’s not necessary, but it ‘s good for your astercc operation. for example: you want to restart astercc at 0’clock everyday,just do the following line as root. crontab -e add a line: 0 0 * * * /etc/rc.d/init.d/asterccd restart end of this file, the first “0” figures minutes and the second “0” figures hours. a asterCC installation guid could be foundhere.

set upload foler permission, so that you can upload your csv/excel files then import datachmod 777 /var/www/html/astercrm/upload set configratoin file permission, so that you can modify asterCRM perference via web chmod 777 /var/www/html/astercrm/astercrm.conf.php

open your browse, then enter this address http://localhost/astercrm or http://YOUR-WEB-SERVER-ADDRESS/astercrm login with admin/admin

  1. Download asterCRM package from, unzip it and put all files/folders to your WEBroot folder
  2. Create the directories and move eventsdaemon scripts:
  3. Create the MySQL database and tables, asterCRM requires mysql 4.1 or above
  4. Update /etc/asterisk/manager.conf to enable Manager connections
  5. Modify astercrm.conf.php to fit your configuration
  6. Start Asterisk and daemons you use
  7. Set file&folder access
  8. Test
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