Install SMART on CentOS 6.4

Install SMART on CentOS 6.4

SMART is especially useful on Physical Linux Boxes so you can have early detection of a bad hard drive, in theory before the failure occurs.

login and su root


we want to do yum search smart


yum install smartmontools.x86_64



start smart service and set it to run on startup


you can do the following to check if you drive is compatible

cat /var/log/messages | tail


to run a SMART Test use one of the following commands:

smartctl --test=short /dev/sda > /var/log/SMART/short.txt


smartctl --test=long/dev/sda > /var/log/SMART/long.txt


you may want to run the tests as a CRON job

that’s it!

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2016-01-07 19:20:28gstlouis