create your own repo repository





You can use repotrack instead like this:

repotrack -a x86_64 -p /repos/Packages [packages]

Unfortunately there is a bug with the -a flag (arch). It will download i686 and x86_64.

Here's how to fix it:

if opts.arch: #archlist = [] #archlist.extend(rpmUtils.arch.getArchList(opts.arch)) archlist = opts.arch.split(',') # Change to this else: archlist = rpmUtils.arch.getArchList()

You can use repoquery to get a list of group packages:

repoquery --qf=%{name} -g --list --grouppkgs=all [groups]

Which you can feed into repotrack:

repoquery --qf=%{name} -g --list --grouppkgs=all [groups] | xargs repotrack -a x86_64 -p /repos/Packages


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