linux top stats to output file

top -bn 5 >top.log Where the flags: -b – enables top to run in batch mode, so that you can redirect its output to a file or another command. -n – specifies the number of iterations before the command terminates In Linux and other Unix-like systems, there are three default files named below which are also identified by the shell using file descriptor numbers: stdin or 0 – it’s connected to the keyboard, most programs read input from this file. stdout or 1 – it’s attached to the screen, and all programs send their results to this file and stderr or 2 – programs send status/error messages to this file which is also attached to the screen. Therefore, I/O redirection allows you to alter the input source of a command as well as where its output and error messages are sent to. And this is made possible by the “” redirection operators
2017-01-14 08:50:54gstlouis