0 How to Keep ‘sudo’ Password Timeout Session Longer in Linux

To set the sudo password timeout value, use the passwd_timeout parameter. First open the /etc/sudoers file with super user privileges using sudo and visudo commands like so: $ sudo visudo Then add the following defaults entry, it implies that the sudo password prompt will time out after 20 minutes once sudo is invoked by a user. Defaults env_reset,timestamp_timeout=20 Note: You can set whatever time you want in minutes and make sure to wait before it times out. You can also set time to 0 if you want a password prompt for every sudo command you execute, or disable password prompt forever by setting the value -1. The screen shot below show the defaults parameters I have set in my /ec/sudoers file. Change sudo Password Timeout Save the file by pressing [Ctrl + O] and exit using [Ctrl + X]. Afterwards test if the setting is working by running a command with sudo and wait for 2 minutes to see if the password prompt will time out.
2017-01-18 07:55:26gstlouis