virtualmin uploading max file size


in order to set the settings for max file sizes in virtualmin

  • I tried modifying /etc/php.ini - didn't look like it did anything
    • I did not change both upload_max_filesize line 811 and post_max_size line 663
  • I had to change the php.ini in the respective virtualserver container
    • /home/smbservices/etc/http.ini
    • both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size had to be changed to the same size
    • the web APP had also changes to do on the js and the php script
2017-05-19 11:20:44gstlouis

after changing the js and php files there was still an error uploading bigger than 30M file to the server.  no error logs

  • the user->index folders where not chmod 777
    • after chmod there was still an error
  • the server had only 60meg or RAM left
    • rebooot the machine
    • over 100 megs now and when I uploaded it works
    • this was the problem
2017-05-19 11:34:31