thunderbird keyboard shortcuts


New messageCommand + N

Reply to Message (sender only)Command + R

Reply to All in Message (sender and all recipients)Command + Shift + R

Reply to ListCommand + Shift + L

Forward MessageCommand + L

Edit Message as NewCommand + E

Starting a new message in non-default format (Plain text vs. HTML)Hold Shift while clicking any one of these buttons:Write, Reply, Reply All, Reply List, or Forward;or Right-click existing message, then hold Shift while choosing any one of the following from the context menu:Reply to Sender Only, Reply to All, Reply to List, or Forward.

For keyboard shortcuts during message composition, see Writing Messages.

Receiving and reading messages

Get New Messages for Current AccountF5Command + Y

Get New Messages for All AccountsShift + F5Command + Shift + Y

Open message (in new window or tab)Command + OReturn

Open message or folder in a new tab in the backgroundMiddle-click the message or folder, orRight-click the message or folder, then choose Open Message in New Tab or Open in New Tab from the context menu

Open message or folder in a new tab in the foregroundShift + Middle-click the message or folder, orRight-click the message or folder, then hold Shiftwhile choosing Open Message in New Tab or Open in New Tab from the context menu

Open message in conversationCommand + Shift + O

Zoom InCommand + +Command + =Command + Control + scroll wheel up

Zoom OutCommand + -Command + Control + scroll wheel down

Reset ZoomCommand + 0 (zero)

Expand Collapsed Thread→

Collapse Expanded Thread←

Expand All Threads*

Collapse All Threads\

Newsgroups: Ignore or Unignore ThreadK

Newsgroups: Ignore or Unignore SubthreadShift + K

Newsgroups: Watch ThreadW

For keyboard shortcuts to move between your messages, see Moving around Thunderbird.

Managing your messages

Print message or selected message textCommand + P

Save Message as FileCommand + S

View Message SourceCommand + U

Select All (messages, text, or attachments)Command + A

Select ThreadCommand + Shift + A

Toggle Caret browsing (select text with keyboard)F7

Copy selected textCommand + C

Cut selected search textCommand + X

Paste text into search or filter fieldsCommand + V

Select multiple adjacent messages(a continuous set of messages)Select the first message of your intended selection, and theneither Shift + Click on the last message of your selection,or hold Shift while using any of the following movement keys to expand your selection: ↓, ↑, Page Down, Page Up, End, or Home.

Select multiple non-adjacent messages(several separate messages)

Select any message of your intended selection, and thenCommand + Click on each message that you want to add to your selection.

Copy message to another folderHold Option while dragging message to destination folder (release mouse button before releasing Option).

Move message to another folderDrag message to destination folder.

Move/Copy message to previous target folder AgainCommand + Option + M

Archive MessageA

Delete message, folder, attachment, or selected search textDel

Delete message bypassing trash (no Undo!)Shift + Del

UndoCommand + Z

RedoCommand + Y

Rename Folder

Tagging and marking your messages

Add/Remove Tag1 to 9

Remove All Tags from Message0 (zero)

Mark Message as Read/UnreadM

Mark Thread as ReadR

Mark All ReadShift + C

Mark as Read By DateC

Mark as JunkJ

Mark as Not JunkShift + J

Add/Remove StarS

Search and filter functions

  ⇐   |   ⇑   |   ⇒  

Finding messages

Search All Messages (global fulltext search in all accounts)Command + K

Quick Filter (search messages in current folder or view)Command + Shift + K

Clear current Quick Filter; hide Quick Filter BarEsc (as often as needed)

Search Messages (advanced search in folder)Command + Shift + F

Finding text in the current message

Find Text in Current MessageCommand + F

Find Again in Current MessageCommand + GF3

Find Previous in Current MessageCommand + Shift + GShift + F3

For a history of search shortcuts across different versionsof Thunderbird, see Keyboard Shortcuts for Searching.

Moving around Thunderbird

  ⇐   |   ⇑   |   ⇒  

Moving between messages

Go to Mail Start PageOption + Home

Scroll Down Current Message, then Go to Next Unread MessageSpace

Go to Next MessageF

Go to Previous MessageB

Go to Next Unread MessageN

Go to Previous Unread MessageP

Go to Next Unread Thread (and mark current thread as read)T

Go to Next Viewed Message]

Go to Previous Viewed Message[

Controlling Thunderbird windows and tabs

Move to Next UI ElementTab

Move to Previous UI ElementShift + Tab

Move to Next Mail PaneF6

Move to Previous Mail PaneShift + F6

Next TabControl + TabCommand + Option + →

Previous TabControl + Shift + TabCommand + Option + ←

Mail & Newsgroups Home Tab (Tab 1)Command + 1

Tab 2 to 8Command + 2to8

Last TabCommand + 9

Address BookCommand + Shift + B

Saved FilesCommand + J

HelpCommand + ?

Toggle Message PaneF8

Toggle Menu Bar (if hidden)

Show context menu

Minimize current windowCommand + M

Hide Thunderbird (Mac only)Command + H

Hide Other Windows (Mac only)Command + Option + H

Close window or tabCommand + W

Undo close tab (restore and go to most recently closed tab)Command + Shift + T

Quit Thunderbird (Exit Application)Command + Q

Writing messages

  ⇐   |   ⇑   |   ⇒  

Creating, saving, and sending a message

New message (see Starting a new message)Command + N

Save DraftCommand + S

Print DraftCommand + P

Send Message NowCommand + Return

Send Message LaterCommand + Shift + Return

Controlling the compose window

Toggle Contacts Sidebar

Move to next main UI elementF6

Move to previous main UI elementShift + F6

Zoom InCommand + +   New in TB 24Command + Control + scroll wheel up

Zoom OutCommand + -   New in TB 24Command + Control + scroll wheel down

Reset ZoomCommand + 0 (zero)   New in TB 24

Show Main Mail Window (Mail & Newsgroups)Command + 1

Most of the common keyboard shortcuts forcontrolling a Thunderbird window can also be usedin the compose window.

Editing the message text and handling attachments

CopyCommand + C

CutCommand + X

PasteCommand + V

Paste as quotationCommand + Shift + O

Paste without formattingCommand + Shift + V

Rewrap message textCommand + R

Delete selected text, attachment, table cell contents, or tableDel

Delete word to the right (from cursor to end of word)Control + Del

Delete word to the left (from cursor to start of word)Option + Del

Select All (text in a message, or attachments)Command + A

Select Table CellCommand + Click within cell

Select Table Rows or ColumnsDrag across cells of rows or columns

Select TableCommand + Click on table border

Insert LinkCommand + K

Discontinue Link, or Remove Links from selectionCommand + Shift + K

Remove Named AnchorsCommand + Shift + R

UndoCommand + Z

RedoCommand + Y

Find and Replace Text in Current MessageCommand + F

Find Again in Current MessageCommand + GF3

Find Previous in Current MessageCommand + Shift + GShift + F3

Check SpellingCommand + Shift + P

Attach FileCommand + Shift + A

Rename Attachment

Styling the message text

Larger Font SizeCommand + +Command + >   New in TB 24Command + ,   New in TB 24

Smaller Font SizeCommand + -Command + <   New in TB 24Command + .   New in TB 24

Text Style BoldCommand + B

Text Style ItalicsCommand + I

Text Style UnderlineCommand + U

Text Style "Fixed Width"Command + T

Discontinue or Remove Text StylesCommand + Shift + Y

Increase IndentCommand + ]

Decrease IndentCommand + [

Address Book

  ⇐   |   ⇑   |   ⇒  

New Address Book ContactCommand + N

Write new message to selected contact(s)

Addressbook Quick Filter

Addressbook Advanced SearchCommand + Shift + F

Edit Properties of selected contact or address bookCommand + I

Select all (contacts, or search text)Command + A

Print selected contactsCommand + P

Delete (selected text, contact, or address book)Del

Show Main Mail Window (Mail & Newsgroups)Command + 1


  ⇐   |   ⇑   |   ⇒  

Clear HistoryCommand + Shift + Del

Lightning (Calendar Add-on)

  ⇐   |   ⇑   |

Get started

Show or hide Today PaneF11

Calendar tabCommand + Shift + C

Tasks tabCommand + Shift + D

Mail & Newsgroups Home Tab (Tab 1)Command + 1

New EventCommand + I

New TaskCommand + D

Calendar Tab

Show Events Filter barEvents and Tasks ⌈ Find Events

Filter Events(Bug 449018)

Clear current Events FilterEsc

Go to TodayAlt + End

Day ViewAlt + 1

Week ViewAlt + 2

Multiweek ViewAlt + 3

Month ViewAlt + 4

Tasks Tab

Filter TasksCommand + Shift + K

Clear current Tasks FilterEsc

General Functions

Copy (selected events, tasks, or text)Command + C

Cut (selected events, tasks, or text)Command + X

PasteCommand + V

Delete (selected events, tasks, or text)Del

UndoCommand + Z

RedoCommand + Y

PrintCommand + P

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