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yum install rtorrent from the EPEL repositoryif yum install doesn't work- yum install http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm

quick control

  • CTRL+ q – Quit rTorrent Application
  • CTRL+ s – Start Download
  • CTRL+ d – Stop an active Download or Remove an already stopped Download.
  • CTRL+ k – Stop and Close an active Download.
  • CTRL+ r – Hash Check a torrent before Upload/Download Begins.
  • CTRL+ q – When this key combination is executed twice, rTorrent shutdown without sending a stop Signal.
  • Left Arrow Key – Redirect to Previous screen.
  • Right Arrow Key – Redirect to Next Screen

manual for the rest

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on the install rtorrent doesn't configure the .rtorrent.rc (you'll see the error when starting up rtorrent.

  • go into /usr/share/doc/ look for rtorrent
  • copy the file over to root directory or superuser
  • modify the file and rtorrent will find it


2016-02-01 22:10:00

Allow only encrypted connections for both incoming and outgoing with rtorrent

What does encryption Do?

The RC4 encryption obfuscates not only the header but the entire stream. This means that it’s very hard for your ISP to detect that the traffic you are generating comes from BitTorrent.

Note that RC4 uses more CPU time than the plain encryption or no encryption. It is however harder to identify for traffic shaping devices

This can be achieved by modifying the .rtorrent.rc file

  • Quit all rtorrent sessions
  • Add / modify this line in rtorrent config file ( .rtorrent.rc located in the users home folder)  

encryption = require,allow_incoming,require_RC4

  • Restart rtorrent.
  • Check for E flag to all connected peers
2015-04-24 19:30:38

ref: https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent/wiki/User-Guide#main-view-keys


Global Keys


^qInitiate shutdown, press again to force the shutdown and skip sending the stop signal to trackers.

up/downSelect item.

leftGo back to the previous screen.

Main View Keys


rightSwitch to Download View.

^xCall commands or change settings.

^eSet the 'create/resize queued' flags on all files in a torrent. This is necessary if the underlying files in a torrent have been deleted or truncated, and thus rtorrent must recreate them.

^rInitiate hash check of torrent. Without starting to download/upload.

+/-Change priority of torrent.

lView log. Exit by pressing the space-bar.

IToggle whether torrent ignores or heeds commands.

UClear tied to file association for torrent.

1Show all downloads

2Show all downloads, ordered by name

3Show started downloads

4Show stopped downloads

5Show complete downloads

6Show incomplete downloads

7Show hashing downloads

8Show seeding downloads

9Show leeching downloads

0Show active downloads

Download View Keys


rightSwitch to selected view

leftSwitch to view selection or back to main view

1/2Adjust max uploads.

3/4Adjust min peers.

5/6Adjust max peers.

pDisplay peer list

oDisplay torrent info

iDisplay file list

uDisplay tracker list

t/TInitiate tracker request. Use capital "T" to force the request, ignoring the "min interval" set by the tracker.

Peer list View Keys


leftSwitch to view selection

rightShow peer details

*Snub peer (stop uploading to this peer)

kKick peer (disconnect from peer)

BBan peer (No unbanning is possible. Requires rTorrent 0.8.4+)

File list View Keys


leftSwitch to view selection

rightShow file details

spaceChange the file priority; applies recursively when done on a directory

*Change the priority of all files

/Collapse directories. While collapsed, press right to expand the selected directory.

2018-04-10 18:41:48

for more information on rtorrent from he command line
rtorrent -h

2019-02-21 07:42:20

ref: http://lglinux.blogspot.com/2011/09/rtorrent-torrent-scheduling-for-non.html


rtorrent torrent scheduling for non-peak period downloading

In order to schedule rtorrent to download only during certain time intervals, e.g. non-peak periods of some ISP, you don't need a cron job. Instead you can use the built-in scheduling functionality. To only download between 2 am and 8 am every night, add to your .rtorrent.rc file:
schedule = throttle_start,02:00:00,24:00:00,"d.multicall=,d.start=" schedule = throttle_stop,08:00:00,24:00:00,"d.multicall=,d.stop="

2019-02-21 07:43:02